• Signalerfassung,-ausgabe
  • Multi Touch Table
  • Automatisierung
  • Sensorelemente
  • Ultraschallabstandsmessung
  • Scanning Vibrometer
  • Polymerer Schichtaufbau
  • Eigenschwingungsmessung
  • 3D-Druck
  • Scanning Head PSV-500
  • Ultraschallfokussierung
  • Zeitumkehrfokussierung
  • Mikrocontrollerprogrammierung
  • Schwingungsuntersuchung
  • Sensorelemente
  • Schwingungssimulation
  • Ultraschallfokussierung
  • 3D Druck mikro
  • Ultraschallfelder von Flüssigkeiten
  • Ultraschalluntersuchungen
  • Ultraschallinteraktion
  • Separation FEM Simulation
  • Sensorintegration
  • Ermittlung von Schwingformen
  • Separation Mikrokanal
  • Multi-Touch
  • Mikrofluidischer Mehrkanal-Testchip
  • Sensorimplementierung
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Electrowetting



human-technology interaction

  • development of haptic (tactile) actuators based on structural vibrations in plates
  • analysis and synthesis of temporally and spatially defined deflection using time reversal of elastic waves
  • development of a comprehensive understanding of complex transient sound fields in homogeneous and heterogeneous media, of transducer behaviour and evaluation of reflection and scattering effects
  • analysis of mode conversion phenomena in the propagation medium
  • utilization for multi-touch interaction systems
  • approaches to process optimization and improved spatial-temporal focusing of acoustic energy by coupling of a chaotic cavity


sensor integration into cost-effective, plastic-based fluidic platforms

  • development of strategies for the integration of sensor and measurement techniques in "disposable"-based fluid analysis

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  • design and construction of (micro-)fluidic disposable test carriers with integrated or modularly supplementable analysis technology, for example with 3D printing (filament-based) or impression procedures (soft lithography)
  • microcontroller-based data acquisition and processing
  • coupling of measurement technology and established "end devices" (smartphones, tablets) for visualization, data interpretation & diagnosis at the "point-of-care" as well as telemedical further processing (individualized medicine)


microfluidic measuring cells for inline analysis of fluids

  • development of silicon- and polymer-based microfluidic functional elements for
  • transport and mixing of liquid phases
  • manipulation/ separation of particulate phases in liquid matrix
  • analysis of quantitative fluid characteristics
  • application-specific development of lab-on-chip systems with customizedsensor/actuator functionalityiIntegration of impedance spectroscopic, optical, electrochemical measuring principles, etc.

ansys_simulation_of_microfluidic_flow_4_channel_chip (1)



ansys_simulation_of_microfluidic_flow_4_channel_chip (2)



ansys_simulation_of_microfluidic_flow_4_channel_chip (1)



Measurement systems for microresonant sensors

  • mass-sensitive normal-field excited oscillating quartz as chemical, physical or biological sensor (quartz crystal microbalance QCM)
  • synthesis, characterization and testing of special sensor and functional layers
  • online measurement of the density-viscosity product
  • demonstration of the kinetics of biological/chemical interactions and interfacial phenomena


  • lateral field excited oscillating quartz crystals as alternative to standard configuration QCM with combined mechanical (density-viscosity) and dielectric (conductivity, permittivity) sensitivity
  • identification and evaluation of the different resonance modes under variable loading with an analyte (experimental, numerical)
  • characterization of the electromechanical transmission behavior of the sensors during interaction with a medium
  • investigation of the influence of different electrode designs on resonance behavior
  • combination of both sensor approaches (normal field/lateral field excited) in one sensor device for simultaneous characterization of liquids


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  • development of specific hardware and software systems for simultaneous, multi-channel control and analysis of individual resonators
  • scaling and miniaturization in array structures
  • phononic crystals (PnC): periodic acoustic structures with specific spatial distribution of physical properties
  • theoretical and experimental analysis of the resonant behaviour of an acoustically excited periodic arrangement of cavities (= PnC) with entrapped fluid
  • quantification of fluid properties based on resonant behavior
  • investigation of questions of miniaturization and integration into fluidic sensor platforms (keyword "built-in sensor", lab-on-chip)



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