• Signalerfassung,-ausgabe
  • Multi Touch Table
  • Automatisierung
  • Sensorelemente
  • Ultraschallabstandsmessung
  • Scanning Vibrometer
  • Polymerer Schichtaufbau
  • Eigenschwingungsmessung
  • 3D-Druck
  • Scanning Head PSV-500
  • Ultraschallfokussierung
  • Zeitumkehrfokussierung
  • Mikrocontrollerprogrammierung
  • Schwingungsuntersuchung
  • Sensorelemente
  • Schwingungssimulation
  • Ultraschallfokussierung
  • 3D Druck mikro
  • Ultraschallfelder von Flüssigkeiten
  • Ultraschalluntersuchungen
  • Ultraschallinteraktion
  • Separation FEM Simulation
  • Sensorintegration
  • Ermittlung von Schwingformen
  • Separation Mikrokanal
  • Multi-Touch
  • Mikrofluidischer Mehrkanal-Testchip
  • Sensorimplementierung
  • Energy Harvesting
  • Electrowetting


Measurement technology forms the basis of many fields of application - from automation in industrial environments to the investigation of biological-technical flow or reaction processes to the generation of data bases for individualized medicine. The demands on measurement technology are manifold and often exceed the limits of what is currently established. In the future, it will act more and more interdisciplinarily and developes increasingly from the solely determination of measurement data to a "smart", integrated, dynamically adapting technology.

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